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Restore Harrow Green visits Belgium

A member of our team attended the Young Movers’ Conference 2018 in Belgium over the weekend, an annual event for young FM professionals to learn more about the industry, network with like-minded people and exchange insights and experiences.

Why have we rebranded and what does it mean to our customers?

You might have noticed that we’ve changed our look and made an adjustment to our name. This decision was made after considerable discussion with branding experts and advise by focus groups after consumer consultations, so that we could be certain that the main beneficiaries of this exercise would be our customers. 

Meet the Team-Jack!

If you’ve ever wondered about how an International removals company works, we’re here to help. Here at Harrow Green International we’re very proud about the way we do business and we wanted to give you a little insight into our world by introducing you to our team and telling you all about what they do. 

How do we rank with Customer Service Excellence?

Customer experience is one of the pillars of the way we do business at Harrow Green, and one of the ways we display this outwardly is by service and quality certifications that offer our customers  the reassurance that standardised measures of ...

The impact of artificial intelligence on the relocations industry

AI is big news these days. From the prevalence of Amazon’s Alexa devices, of which tens of millions were sold in the 2017 holiday period alone, to the rise of self-driving cars and robots ...