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  • Restore Harrow Green visits Belgium A member of our team attended the Young Movers’ Conference 2018 in Belgium over the weekend, an annual event for young FM professionals to learn more about the industry, network with like-minded people and exchange insights and experiences. The conference consisted of a three day program including seminars, meetings, workshops and discussions, as well as networking events and outdoor activities to add some extra excitement to the proceedings. Here’s a breakdown of how the event occurred from our own young mover! Thursday 3rd May: "We arrived at the hotel and had the welcome and opening reception. This was followed by an ice-breaking game called ‘Knowing me, knowing you’. You had categories such as favourite food, sport, superheroes etc. and you had to find people who matched with you. Whoever had the most matches and stickers ‘won’. After this we were left to our own devices to network and sample some of the local beer!"   Friday 4th May: "The talks and panel discussions began, covering technology in the industry and how this could affect the way we work in the years to come. A keynote speaker and an industry panel ...
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  • Why have we rebranded and what does it mean to our customers?You might have noticed that we’ve changed our look and made an adjustment to our name. This decision was made after considerable discussion with branding experts and advise by focus groups after consumer consultations, so that we could be certain that the main beneficiaries of this exercise would be our customers.  Our goal was to ensure that doing business with us became simpler, faster and more affordable throughout our varied group of divisions; we’ve achieved this by making it easier for customers to navigate our offers, increase their understanding of the range of services we provide, and built a strong brand platform to support our growth at the same time. Our new look was designed to be unique, distinctive and noticeable and we hope that in time it will mark out Restore’s place in the market as a champion of our customers and their needs. In practical terms this means strengthening our offerings in a way that is meaningful to our business partners by simplifying our processes. Restore Harrow Green and the wider Restore Group operate by a set of values which ...
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  • Meet the Team-Jack!Jack Draper-Move Manager If you’ve ever wondered about how an International removals company works, we’re here to help. Here at Harrow Green International we’re very proud about the way we do business and we wanted to give you a little insight into our world by introducing you to our team and telling you all about what they do.    Today’s focus is on our colleague Jack who’s been with Harrow Green for four years and is very experienced in the world of International removals.  Jack’s primary duties comprise of handling one of our larger clients who represents larger corporations which regularly move staff internationally. He ensures that they receive the best possible service at affordable prices and that all moves are expertly handled. Jack’s involvement starts with examining which of these corporate customers need to move staff and bidding for the relocation job as a first step.  The system runs on very strict criteria, based on high score ratings, produced by satisfaction reviews. These reviews are given directly by the customers and reflect on how we’ve performed. In other words, if the customers we’ve ...
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  • How do we rank with Customer Service Excellence?Customer experience is one of the pillars of the way we do business at Harrow Green, and one of the ways we display this outwardly is by service and quality certifications that offer our customers  the reassurance that standardised measures of quality assessment are applied to our work.  One such assessment we aimed to renew recently, was our Customer Service Excellence ® (CSE) certification. As the only relocation professional to carry this badge we are very proud to receive it for the third consecutive year, after displaying our expertise in the field of customer service and commitment to making it easy for our customers to do business with us.   What is it all about? The CSE is a certification awarded by the Government after the company in question has undergone a thorough review by one their certified assessors. The aim behind the certification is to demonstrate that services are efficient, excellent, equitable and empowering by placing the customer in primary focus. Customer Service Excellence ® was developed as a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within service related organisations. The Customer Service Excellence ...
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  • The impact of artificial intelligence on the relocations industryAI is big news these days. From the prevalence of Amazon’s Alexa devices, of which tens of millions were sold in the 2017 holiday period alone, to the rise of self-driving cars and robots capable of providing superior healthcare diagnostics, the presence of AI is only set to increase. The last couple of years have also seen major developments in ‘machine learning’, especially those using neural networks to attempt to learn and improve performance through the consideration of examples rather than task-specific programming. The implications of such powerful machines are significant, causing Google to announce a new AI ethics unit to analyse the impact of the new technology on society. As AI begins to change the nature of the workplace, we’re excited to consider the possibilities the technology may have in store for the relocations industry. As artificial intelligence grows stronger, we get closer to the possibility of AI chatbots which are indistinguishable from their human counterparts. This would be massively advantageous, with such a chatbot being available at any time, able to answer questions immediately and in different languages, and allowing ...
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