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International Moving London to Paris

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London to Paris

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handshake vectorThe Client:

Along with coordinating their relocation we were also called on to identify a selection of suitable schools for the Raeburn-Farrell’s children in time for them to enrol for the summer term.

target vectorThe Project:

From a starting list of 120 private and state run schools, including Montessori and Steiner options, we worked with the Raeburn-Farrells to select an appropriate school for their children and ensured they were enrolled in time to make the first day of term.

building vectorThe Outcome:

Along with orientation advice we were also able to assist with home searching, helping the Raeburn-Farrells find a home close to their children’s school.

Working with our relocation partners, we are able to advise our families on a range of schools, as well as offering home search assistance, country guides and added-value services that will provide you with the information and choices that, in the end, mean the right start in your new country. We provide the reassurance before we provide the move programme, and we help you make the choices that will determine the success of your early days in your new home.

Once you reach your destination, we’re still on board, but we hand over the physical move process to our local representative (part of a quality-assured worldwide network). They’ll look after your household and personal effects, handle the local storage we’ve arranged for you, and make sure everything gets delivered on time and looking exactly how you remembered it.

Quotation markClient Feedback:

Harrow Green were instrumental in us finding the right school for our girls. Our move manager looked after us every step of the way, planning everything down to the smallest detail, and took the stress out of the biggest move our family has ever made.

London to Paris

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International moving

What We Did:

  • Select an appropriate school
  • Enrolled in time to make the first day of term
  • Able to assist with home searching
  • Find a home close to their children’s school
  • We provide the reassurance before we provide the move programme