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International Moving London to Singapore

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London to Singapore

Harrow Green Case Studies - London to Singapore

handshake vectorThe Client:

Diane would be arriving at her new home in Singapore on Sunday with just one day to settle in before starting work on the Tuesday.

target vectorThe Project:

Delivery of Diane’s items took place on the Thursday before she was due to arrive. Our representatives then arranged everything in accordance with her agreed house plans.

building vectorThe Outcome:

  • While Diane was spending time with friends in Auckland we were air freighting her household and personal effects into Singapore coordinating our representative there to arrange delivery into her new apartment.

Combining a move abroad with a heavy workload can turn an international relocation into an epic adventure. We create move plans that work for you, not just for us. We know you want to hit your workload running and we can suggest transport choices that get your effects moving quickly, plus move support options – from orientation services to home cleaning – that will leave you with a warm welcome and a clear head for business.

People’s personal effects rarely travel as quickly as they do. Which is why co-ordination is one of the keywords of international moving: making sure that you and your possessions are reunited on precisely the right day. Our account managers have the experience to weave move programmes into your own busy diary, working closely with you and your company to achieve strategic deadlines and provide you with a worry-free start to your new working life. Believe it or not, it can make the business of moving a real pleasure.

Quotation markClient Feedback:

The way Harrow Green handled everything while I was in Auckland was fantastic. I managed to catch up with an old friend in peace, then move into my new apartment without any hassle. I arrived to everything arranged as I’d requested leaving me the whole of Monday to relax before a busy first day at work.

London to Singapore

Project Details




International Moving

What We Did:

  • Our representatives then arranged everything in accordance
  • Air freighting household and personal effects into Singapore
  • Arrange delivery into new apartment
  • Create move plans